Do I Really Have To Do Video Marketing?

Do I Really Have To Do Video Marketing?

Do I Really Have To Do Video Marketing? - pexels freestocksorg 34407I do a lot of coaching. I teach people how to be smart with digital marketing.  Most of the people I coach are Realtors selling new homes and a big part of what I coach revolves around video marketing.

The question is always the same.

Do I really have to do video marketing?

The simple answer is YES. Yes you do. And, if you would indulge me for the next few moments, I’ll explain why you need to do video marketing and give you quick, easy to implement solutions to get started today.

The Backstory

If you sell anything, you know that {typically} people buy from people they know, like and trust.

Sure, there are always exceptions, but we’re going with the typical persona today. You’ll likely encounter other typical people in your pipeline.

So, as I was saying, people like to do business with people they know, like and trust. In the beginning, they don’t know you.

Think: Stranger Danger

You’re probably trying to get them to part with some of their money; even if it’s for a great product or service that will change their lives for the better. First red flag.

To compound this, they don’t know you. Second red flag. You have to work hard at this prospect. You have to get them to know, like and trust you. Whew. That’s a lot of work.

And the higher price tag, the more work you have to do. As I mentioned, I coach a lot of Realtors who sell new homes in the $400,000 to over $1,000,000 range. People spending those kinds of dollars need to know they’re choosing wisely.

I can’t make them like you and I can’t make them trust you; that’s your job through your sales process.

I can help them “know” you.

I can help you become someone they’re familiar with. This begins to overcome the first objection.

You still have to do your job; but I can help you have a chance by creating an environment where they perceive you as someone they’ve “met” before.

It’s kind of like how you think you know your favorite actor because you “see” them every week on TV.

I can help you be like that.

No, not like the TV star; that’s not why we’re here.

But I can help you become “known.”

Here we go.

The {Very} Basics of Video Marketing

Shooting video on phoneWe’re about to talk about the very basics of video marketing. We’re not going to get into the special cameras or gimbles or post-processing software. If you’re reading this, you’re probably not a professional marketer – you’re a salesperson, a business owner, a person who is trying to get their foot in the door and you just need some help and no fru-fru stuff.  I hear ya. Nothing fancy. Nothing special.

You’ll need your phone, YouTube or Vimeo, and delivery system like email, text or social media.

That’s it.

Normally we need to work backwards to determine the orientation for the video on your phone (which way you hold the phone.) But this is a basic video guide so we’re going to go with this preset:

Record on YouTube to use on Facebook and in email or text.

We’ll get to the other options in another post.

Step 1: Shoot the video

Open the Camera app on your phone. Make sure it’s on Video and that you are recording from the front camera.

Smile 3 for 3 seconds BEFORE you click Record. This way, you’re not making that face when the video starts. You know the face I mean.

Wait 2 seconds after you press Record to start speaking. Speak louder and slower than you think you need to. You know what you’re talking about, but your audience has likely never heard it before from you, so slow down.

Do not have music playing in the background or YouTube will strip all audio out of your track. Most of you will find out the hard way.

Hold your phone out and a little elevated so you lift your chin and begin to speak. YOU.GOT.THIS!

Stop recording but do not stop smiling until 3 seconds AFTER to hit the stop button. Trust me!

Step 2: Upload the video

If this is your first time, it will ask you several questions…just answer yes.

Click the + sign and upload the video to YouTube. You have 3 fields to fill out.

Title. Give your video a title so you can find it later and so the people getting your video will know what it’s about before they hit play.

Public | Unlisted | Private. This is the most important decision you’ll make.

If you choose Public, anyone can find it on YouTube, just like the way you find all the videos you watch. This is good for people wanting to do broad marketing or hope for viral videos. If you are building a series of videos for consumption by anyone, this is a good option for you. These videos will show up in your Channel.

If you choose Unlisted, only people with the link can open it. This is a good option if you are creating a video for one particular person (a follow-up).  Anyone with the link can open the video but the video will not show in your Channel available to the general public.

Private videos are locked down with passwords and because they are harder for the viewer to watch, I do not recommend using them unless that level of privacy is important in your line of business.

When you’ve finished uploading, you’ll be able to open the video and share it however you would like. There are links to post on social media, you can share it by email or text. There are plenty of delivery options baked right into YouTube.

What the heck do I talk about?

taking notesThere are plenty of topics to talk about on video.

Introduction: This can either be canned general so you can use it for anyone or it can be tailored for specific people. There is more about this topic at the end of this post.

Follow Up: It’s always a great idea to follow up with a video. Remind your prospect of the conversation they had with you. I’m from the homebuilding industry and I coach my salespeople to take the video inside the home they toured, pointing out the favorite features of the home. In your industry, find ways to relate the video back to your presentation.

Tours/Presentations: Showcase your product or service.  I encourage Realtors to a 3-minute video as follows:

Open all the doors and turn on all the lights. Start standing outside on the front lawn so the home is in the background. This is your who where what. Who are you, where are you, what are you going to show them. Then proceed inside straight into the kitchen/living area (bypass the bedrooms/bathrooms for now) and focus on the space. Help them imagine themselves in this home with their furniture, their friends, their family, Create the emotional attachment. Then, move onto the lanai/back porch and close it out. Give any special feature information, incentives and how to contact you. All this can be accomplished in 3 minutes or you’ve lost their attention. You can do it!

Obviously if you are not in real estate, simply adapt to your service or product. Take a few moments to explain the USP (unique selling perspective) and why it’s something your prospect needs to have. Be creative but be truthful. Remember the other two parts: they need to know, like and trust you.

But I don’t want to be on camera!

I have yet to meet someone who was so excited about getting on camera. No one likes the way they sound recorded. There is only one way through this: get over it. Seriously, there’s no other way. I do have one practical application for you: practice. Before you start sending video marketing, spend some time developing the muscle memory you’ll need to easily transition from space to space and nail your delivery so it feels effortless. I want you to practice the entire process enough times so you don’t have to think about what comes next. This will help ease your anxiety and frustration over being seen on camera.

I want a few bells and whistles

I promised this was going to be the very basics of video marketing and it is. I’m only going to suggest one product and it actually makes it easier to do video marketing. BombBomb. This software is meant for one-to-one marketing: one video for one person. The great news is that it gives you detailed stats on who watched your video and if they forwarded it to someone else. We all know that the more often they watch the video the more engaged they are with your product or service. If you know they watched the video 6 times, you have a good reason to call them back to follow up. This is the beginning of marketing intelligence. We’ll get into that more later.

There you have it. These are the very most basic steps to video marketing and how to become someone who is “known” reducing the first objection in the sales process.

Stranger Danger: averted.

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