Paid Advertising Services

Paid Advertising

What Is Paid Marketing And Why Do I Need It?

Paid marketing, sometimes known as PPC (pay-per-click), or paid search marketing are terms used when an advertiser pays for an ad to show in search results. For our purposes today, we’ll be talking about Google AdWords, but other search engines also have a variation of this type of marketing. The goal of PPC ads are to find people looking for your product or service and direct them to a page on your website.

How does it work?

Well performing PPC ads are created using a mixture of the right keywords people use to find your product or service, along with well-written ads that “click” over to relevant landing pages, explaining or showcasing the product or service. A fee is charged each time someone clicks on an ad, hence the name pay-per-click. Creating the right mix of keywords, ads and landing pages is what smart marketing companies do; luckily for you, we’re super smart in this area.

We also give Google a list of keywords that people should not be using to find you. Being smart is also about knowing when to say no. For instance, if you own a company called Dominos Shoes, we would create a negative keyword for the word pizza. This will help people looking for Dominos pizza to not see your ads and inadvertently pay for clicks that are not useful to you or the hungry searcher.

Why do we use Google’s platform?
Google is the most widely used search engine in the world. We think it’s smart to put your ads in front of the widest range of people when we utilize the Google search platform. We can, however, use other search engines such as Bing. Ask us if you would like to discuss the possibilities of advertising on more search engines than Google.

Help Me Be Smart with Paid Advertising

Local SEO Services

Local SEO

Google My What? What is Google My Business?

Not all marketing has to be paid advertising. Smart advertisers leverage all the options available to them. Google has tools in place for locals to easily find your business, learn important information about you and make key decisions to call, visit or order online. All of these services are available under Google My Business services. There is no charge from Google to showcase your business in this very important tool.

We will create and/or manage your Google My Business presence and continually update and enhance the information available to be found through this important, but often forgotten, jewel. This is also where we will manage your listing shown in what is known as the “map pack” or businesses available nearby when someone searches for “shoe stores near me.”

Optimizing your Google My Business account greatly increases the likelihood of someone finding your product or service, and it also gives us detailed information about the people searching for you, allowing us to continually improve your search footprint and attract more customers.

Finally, this is also the place that houses your Google reviews, all in one place so it’s easy to manage and even easier to respond to individual reviews.

Help Me Be Smart with Local SEO

Social Media Marketing

Social Media

Do I Really Need To Pay For Facebook And Instagram Ads?

Deciding to advertise on Facebook and Instagram is an important decision and one we can help you make. Facebook’s algorithm for engagement is geared towards people finding and connecting with people they know, love and trust. This leaves a big gap for business, or Facebook Pages, and how they show in someone’s feed.

Facebook’s emphasis on keeping feeds full of people and not pages creates a “pay-to-play” scenario for companies like yours. Paying for ads on Facebook and Instagram, however, gives us tons of flexibility to decide who sees your ad, when they see it, and how often they see it.

We see it as a win-win situation. We will build strong, powerful ads that will show on all of Facebook’s networks and help you achieve your goals of increased visibility for your brand, along with increased leads and sales. That’s smart!

But wait; there’s more!

That’s right; just because we’re building ads for your Facebook and Instagram accounts doesn’t mean we’re done there. No way Jose! We also need to keep an organic (read=free) presence for you so that those people who do engage with you can see your posts as they scroll through pics of their friends’ kids, dogs and dinner plates.

Help Me Be Smart with Social Media

Content Development Services

Content Development

But I Don’t Know What To Say! How Do I Say That?

Fear not; we have your back. We know that you started a business because you are good at what you do. Similarly, we started this business because we’re good at what we do. So how about you do what you do, and we’ll do what we do… Deal? Good, ‘cause that’s what smart people do.

We understand that it’s hard to put into words the feelings you have for your business and how you want to offer the best services and products to your clients. We’re here to help. We can write content for your website, whether it’s your homepage, or services page, so people understand what kind of business you have, or blog posts that help attract people through ads and Google searches to your particular service or product. We’re here to help you be the best business you can be!

Help Me Be Smart with Content Development

Web and Graphic Design Services

Web & Graphic Design

I Need Graphics On My Website. Can You Do That?

Yep, we sure can. We have a team dedicated to graphic design and video editing and we can make you look maavalous dahling. We have decades of experience in composites created from scratch showing any number of scenarios for your business, to logo design, brochures, billboards, or posters, to videos and drone raw footage compiled and edited to include contact information and more.

Help Me Be Smart with Web & Graphic Design

Marketing Consulting Services

Marketing Consulting

But Do You Do Strategy?

We sure do, cause we’re smart! Before we take on a new client, we’ll sit down (in real life or virtually) and talk about your dreams, aspirations and most importantly, your 1 and 5-year plans. Where are you now, where do you want to be next year and how fast do you want to soar? That depends on your 5-year outlook. We’ll take all this data, crunch it up and offer a smart plan to help get you there.

Sometimes that means starting small. We get it; no one’s made of money. We understand that lots of entrepreneurs and small companies need to be smart; so we’ll gradually build your ad spend until it matches your plan, bringing in more calls, leads and sales.

Help Me Be Smart with Marketing Consulting